Advice To Look Fresh After A Party

Go to a party is always a pleasure for me because I'm sure that for girls, too. Unfortunately, the parties are not only an opportunity to show our best team, or a fabulous makeup, but also an opportunity for any excess. You probably know the function of post-game mood: you feel like doing anything, is very sleepy and tired. Whether it is a party or a family where all your friends together, learn some tips to help you regain your energy for the next day will certainly be useful to you.

1. Before going to a party, do not forget to eat something. Be careful what you eat, so you do not change your waistline, but on the other hand, eat enough so they do not faint if you drink anything containing alcohol.

2. Do not mix drinks like wine with beer at the party. If you start taking one of them should continue in the same line. The combination of these will lead to an exaggeration "happy" mood.

3. Dance as much as you can and when you stop, you should eat something. This not only move the body in combination with alcohol gives a euphoric mood, but also eliminate all the toxins that invade the body due to alcohol and snuff.

4th The first thing you should do when we got home after the party is to remove your makeup and moisturize your skin. Wash your teeth because it will allow you to make you feel fresh the next day.

5. Do not take a shower when you come home, because warm water can reduce the risk, and fainted. Take a shower the next day and use a moisturizing shower gel and massage the skin with a sponge.

6th Drink a cup of strong coffee or fresh fruit juices rich in vitamin C. Another use is recommended to massage the temples with pine oil or lemon.

7th Put some cold milk or green tea compresses to "cure" to look irritated eyes due to smoke. Use a mask and revitalizing work out in your living room.

Follow these tips and nobody will notice you've been at a party all night


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