Fast Hands Treatment

Easy and effective  Hand Treatment
The hands are the most visible part of you, but also a lot of abuse. Can be used in daily operations, yet they are the ultimate accessory. You must give them the same attention to you face.

* Soften your hands even while you wash the dishes. Add a little almond oil (one teaspoon) of detergent. Water soften rought skin while the oil seals in moisture.

* Remove dead skin cells with a solution made of lemon sea salt. This is the brush in your hands with an old toothbrush. To do so, twice a week to soften hands and remove discoloration.

* Wash hands with warm water, then using a thick cloth, rub vigorously. While the skin is slightly damp, apply a mixture of one teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of olive oil. Place hands in small plastic bags, and then a pair of cotton gloves for thirty minutes. Heat treatment can penetrate.

* Heat a cup of milk in the microwave for thirty seconds (or until hot, but nice touch). Soak your hands for five minutes to strengthen nails and hydrate skin. Not only is milk loaded with lactic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid gently exfoliates dead skin naturally, but its high content of calcium to strengthen brittle nails.


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