Soft Hands

Soft Hands
Many people today suffer from dry hands and the difficulty to find creams and lotions that will be of some help. Here are some simple hand warmer that worked well during the winter, after a dull dish washing and other similar works. Follow the instructions and you'll see the difference.

* Take 2 tbls. sugar, baby oil and liquid soap. Pour sugar and baby oil, enough to cover the palm of your hands. Rub hands together, like rubbing lotion when you are looking for. Do this a few minutes, then poured a little 'liquid soap for washing and  cleaning. Your hands will feel very smooth.
* Rub a tablespoon of sugar, lemon juice and cream in their hands until the sugar is completely dissolved. Will surely be of some help.

Cup milk * Mix 1 / 2 hot, 2 teaspoons sugar, 2 teaspoons of plain yogurt and a couple of drops of lavender essential oil. Dip your hands in this mixture for about 5 minutes. Rub your hands lightly and do massage.

* The solution of salt and lemon to change the dead skin cells. Brush the solution of an old toothbrush. Do this twice a week. This method not only provides you with Soft hands, but also remove the color.

* The easiest way would be to apply a rich cream for the hands or petroleum jelly (Vaseline or generic) at night and gloves over them while you sleep. This locks the moisture in. wake up with softer hands.

* If your hands become rough after a hard day of gardening, pour a small amount of salt in the palm of your hand, then apply olive oil and rub your hands together. Rinse with warm water. Then, fold the cotton gloves hands. This method works well for feet too.

* For chapped hands in winter: Grind 1 cup of cooked oatmeal in a blender until very fine powder. Place in a large bowl, then rub your hands in the dirt gently. This will eliminate dry skin. Rinse with cold water and apply hand cream. This treatment is cheaper than expensive skin cream and yes, it works better.

* Hands are rough, while you wash the dishes. Do not worry because there is still a way for it. Add a little almond oil to your dishwasher. The water will soften rough skin while the oil seals in moisture. Spray your hands with a mist of vinegar after washing will also be of some use.

* You can remove cooking odors from your hands. Wash them with vinegar, then wash thoroughly with soap and water.

* A quick 10 minutes massage with olive oil or lotion dove also do wonders.

Our hands to take players on a daily basis, and we are guillotined in relation to other parts of the body. Give your hands gently worn these tips and you will feel the difference of a few days.


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